More from the Laverty album! Several experimental saws for use in GNP’s logging operations are shown in photos from this album. All are the 1940s. One is a mall gasoline engine drive saw. The photos show two men, one at either end of a long saw blade and there is a small motor on one end. That end of the saw is attached to a support cable and pulley system. Two of the photos show this saw in use at South Twin Lake.

Three photos show two men working with a Davey Air Saw at South Twin Lake. They appear to be on the frozen lake and a horse-drawn wood sled is in the background. Another saw is called a “Sally” Power Saw. These photos are dated 1946 and show the saw being used in the summer. One man is holding saw in one hand (similar to how one would hold a chain saw today), but there is a metal support to the ground under this end. Then there is a large “jaws-like” apparatus on the end that cuts through the log.

The last saw shown in these photos is a Precision power saw. These photos are dated 1947. This is a fairly large saw, but it is shown being used by one man and one photo shows him carrying it on his shoulder. Were these experimental saws? Did any of them come into common usage by GNP? We would be interested in learning more.

Another group of pictures are of an experimental side dump truck. It looks as if a loaded truck drove to a prepared spot and the right wheels went into a dug out space so the truck leaned to the right. The side stakes were loosened so that the logs would roll off and into the water.

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