Odds and Ends From The MUSEUM
By Trudy Wyman, Curator, Millinocket Historical Society Museum

Bryan Seeyle, does the museum have any information on him? This was asked by a recent visitor and, as often happens, I turned to the Dorothy Laverty book on Millinocket’s history. There are pages about the Great northern Hotel where Mr. Seelye and his wife lived during their time in Millinocket. It states the Seelyes came to town in 1912 just after the GNP administration building was completed. Seelye was hired to set up the mill’s accounting department. The couple made their home at the hotel and later Mrs. Seelye became the housekeeper.
That sums up the information the museum has on Bryan Seelye at this time. A visitor, Jane Rideout Jones asked the above question and then proceeded to share a story about Mr. Seelye. She gave permission to share the following.
Some years ago, seventeen year old Jane worked in the dining room of the hotel. At that time, Bryan Seelye, widowed and elderly, lived on the top floor of the hotel and was cared for by a nurse, Mrs. Grumley (Dr. Grumley’s wife). Every evening, Mr. Seelye ate his meal at an assigned table, the big table by the bay window. No one else was allowed to sit there. One evening, Jane asked the gentleman, “May I help you?” Mr. Seelye asked for “fresh blueberries and cream and little cakes.” Jane placed the order and then went to bring the food through the swinging doors from the kitchen carrying the tray up in the air with one hand as required. Just as she started to pass through the door, someone pushed it from the other side and the tray and food landed on the floor. An embarrassed Jane scrambled to pick up the mess and hurried to the kitchen to replace the order. When she returned to serve Mr. Seelye his meal, he said to her, “I see you like to pick blueberries!”
The museum has an elegant black top hat complete with leather storage case that belonged to Mr. Seelye. The hat is made from a beaver pelt (as was the custom of the day) and it has his initials inside. The leather case also has his initials on the outside and it is lined in red silk. It is in wonderful condition!

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