Odds and Ends From The MUSEUM
By Trudy Wyman, Curator, Millinocket Historical Society Museum

A seaplane on Katahdin Avenue!! I wonder what people thought of that occurrence when it happened sometime in the 1940’s or 50’s. Lois Pelletier brought in two small photos that show the plane there. Thanks to Jeff at the airport, we believe the plane piloted by Holt from Greenville made an emergency landing in the brook (near the old Pines swimming hole). It then was towed to the airport. I bet that incident was talked about for days!
It’s time to catch up on the other new items that have been finding their way to the museum this busy season. Recently a building was demolished on Aroostook Avenue. Jean McLean Corcoran brought in a framed collage of three photos showing the building and business that was located there in earlier years. Her family resided there. The business was the Blue Sunoco Garage and Gas Station and the owner, John ‘Elery’ Dumas, also had the local taxi and school busses.
Ann Weldon Blanke of Bangor sent two Clyde Folsom cassettes (he’s a great story teller) and two of her dad’s Stearns football sweaters. One, a lightweight long sleeved dark blue, is shown in the 1943 yearbook football team photo that includes Scott Weldon. Billie Jean Brilliant has made visits to the museum with a portable typewriter, possibly from GNP. This is now displayed for hands-on use by our young visitors. They enjoy trying out this “old” technology. They are also amazed that you had to actually dial a telephone. Also from this donor came her husband’s white cardigan baseball letter sweater and a homemade shoe shine box used by him as a young boy to shine shoes in the park.
More items came from Michelle Brundrette, a GNP West Branch Recreation Area map found at the Katahdin General Store; a scrapbook with photos and letters related to the DAVA (Disabled American Veterans Auxiliary) color guard from Nadine Webster; a Boynton Jeweler advertising ruler from Mr. Mullen; and two GNP reports brought in by Tony Foster. One is dated 1901 and the other 1902. I don’t think they are originals, but quite old copies. Some of the numbers such as assets of the mill in those years are really quite amazing for such a young enterprise!

*** The 2018 calendars are available at the museum, Levasseurs, Save-a-Lot, Katahdin General Store and Rideout’s Market. Still just $10.00 each. Add $4.00 SH each for mail orders.
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