Odds and Ends From The MUSEUM
By Trudy Wyman, Curator, Millinocket Historical Society Museum

“It’s great! And, much more than the usual cookbook.” This was the response of a gentleman who had ordered one of the museum’s new A Taste of History cookbooks. He liked his copy so much he ordered another for a family member. See information below to purchase. They will also be available on Dec. 2 at the museum table at the craft fair at the American Legion Hall.
Donations come to the museum in all sorts of containers…folders, cardboard boxes, shopping bags and even garbage bags. A recent donation was a shoebox of letters to and from various members of the McLean/Shanks/Hale families. These have been placed in the genealogy section of the museum. They contain correspondence between family members on their family tree data and personal letters and notes. One group of typewritten letters shares information of one couple’s experiences during time spent in Africa and beyond. All these items were donated by Ethel Shanks Doyle.
The Hussey’s brought in photos and ephemera from the Wheaton/Joy family. These items came from a home on Lincoln Street. Again, these have been placed in the genealogy files which are getting more and more use.
From the 1917 town report some tidbits (note this report was from Feb. 1926 to Feb. 1917):
1. Fire chief Gates wrote he kept the horses close to the fire station all winter. He was concerned that if an alarm came, “it would be impossible to get the automobile on the back streets, and the sled with two chemical tanks and one thousand feet of hose would be too heavy to haul by hand. It would be folly to do otherwise.”
2. Dr. Stevens, Board of Health: Isolated cases of typhoid, four cases of tuberculosis (two died, two sent to sanitorium), so many cases of grip that it could be called an epidemic and many cases of measles. He states that people “think so lightly of it.” Over 300 cases were reported in town that winter.
3. A bowling alley or pool room license could be purchased for $10.00 and a lunch cart or innkeeper’s license for only $1.00. Six pool room licenses were approved. There was one merry-go-round license approved for $5.00. I wonder where that was?
4. Among other cases, the police department processed one drug fiend, seven for evading car fares, one perjury, one for running a gambling house and ninety-eight tramps. As a kid growing up on the outskirts of a small rural Maine town, I remember seeing tramps come up the road heading into town. They would often knock on the door our house to ask for food, money or to do odd jobs.

*** A Little Taste of History, a new cookbook featuring recipes from many Millinocket pioneer families and their descendants (wives of mill employees, businessmen, school and town employees and more. Includes some photos and personal notes. 200 pages. Each cookbook is $15.00 (mail orders add $5.00 SH each book). At the museum, Memories of Maine Gallery, Steel Magnolias, Katahdin General, Gracie’s Aunt’s Emporium & by mail.
***2018 Calendar with vintage photos – don’t forget to get one before the new year. Just $10.00 (by mail add $4.00SH). Pavers still available also.

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