It’s always great to hear from readers about this column! The true origin of the name Tin Can Alley for the mill end of Aroostook Avenue may never be known. It may be from an early location of a dump or from the fact that some homes were covered with a metal siding. We have learned that Kick the Can was a popular activity there in the 1960’s and probably earlier. The young people would place a rock on top of a can and then hide. Then they would sneak out, try to kick the rock off the can without getting tagged by the person who was “it”. If one was tagged, they became “it”. I hope I’ve described this correctly. Thanks to Larry Bouchard for stopping by the museum to tell this story.
The article on the school’s safety patrol received much feedback on the MHS Facebook page. It was learned that this activity was not only in the 1940’s, but extended into the 1950’s and 1960’s and, yes, girls also participated. A number of people responded that they were safety patrol participants.
Today, the search is on for information on a new item at the museum. A black and gold sport’s jersey found its way to the museum (thank you to the several folks who helped with this). Possibly from the 1950’s or 60’s, it has Levasseur’s Hardware on the back. We are trying to determine which team it is from. So far, most believe it’s a baseball or softball shirt. One stated there was a fast-pitch league here in the 1950’s. Please help us identify this shirt and provide a bit of its history. A photo is on the Millinocket Historical Society Facebook page or stop in at the museum to check it out.
The museum has a large collection of senior photos. Recently Mary Ellen Haugen brought in sixteen more to add to the collection. They are all from 1953. At reunion time, MHS would be willing to loan senior photos for display at your get-together. Louise Boynton donated a newspaper with information about the building and dedication of the Jerry Pond recreation area. Stan Waterhouse brought in a GNP union booklet (woodlands) and a meal ticket from the Scott Brook logging operation. The collection continues to grow in many interesting and varied ways.

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