After World War II ended and local military men and women started returning to Millinocket, the need for more housing grew. As a result, a new area west of Medway Road was made available by GNP who held title to all the land at that time. Eastland Avenue and Maple Street would become two new streets in that area and by the late 1940’s homes began to appear. The first is said to have been built by Wilber Culbertson in 1946 and later sold to Carl Stockwell, Jr. (see Laverty book). GNP also constructed three homes there.
The museum recently received twenty plus original house plans, and several were for homes on Eastland Avenue and Maple Street. Most were drawn by local engineer Delore F. Theriault. They were brought to the museum by Tom Plourde who came into possession of them through a job he was working on. It is believed they came from the former Theriault house on Highland Avenue. They are in good condition. It would be interesting to know if the final construction matched these plans and to know what changes may have been made through the years. On Eastland Avenue the plans are for the George Raymond house (#18, no date given); Vincent DeCourcey house (#28, 7/3/1947); Bernard Gerry, Jr. house (#52, 8/2/1948); George McCluskey house (#66, 4/24/1948); John Gonya house (#90, 10/10/1946); and the Kenneth King house (#32, 4/3/1947). On Maple Street are the houses of Fred Morrison (#28, 7/29/1947); William Edmonds (#33, 3/20/1946); Dana E. Edmonds (#37, 1/25/1947); and Harold Whitehead (#38, 4/18/1947), In addition there were also plans for a home on Medway Road (#47), and one each on Congress Street (#357) and Knox Street (#195).
In this same time period, new houses were built on the Flat (along State Street) as far as the athletic field. A new street, Water Street, was laid out near the stream. As mentioned last week, the former “pest house” on Water Street was renovated and became a family home. It is still someone’s home today. Bowdoin Street was extended to the area near the railroad making more space for new homes.
All of these plans may be viewed at the museum and we also have several aerial photos of different areas of town. Maybe you can pick out your home!

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