Spring has arrived! The piles of snow that filled some of the parking spaces at the museum have finally melted away and all the sand and winter debris can be swept away. Thanks, Robert Whirty, for taking care of the shoveling duties this past winter and the outside sweeping! Thank you to Adam Qualey, Inc. for the snow plowing. Now attention turns to spring cleaning. Lots of items to be dusted, not an easy task. Floors need attention. Windows need washing…any volunteers? Flowers will go in the planters under both museum signs and in containers near the handicapped ramp soon. And work will continue on the second floor space!
Last week I wrote of several house plans donated to the museum. They are from the 1940’s-50’s and drawn by Delore Theriault, local engineer. Along with the house plans were a few other building plans of interest. From 1954, is the original plan for the Millinocket Fruit Company (now Living Innovations on Penobscot Avenue). The first Fruit Store was located on the opposite side of the parking lot opposite the Municipal Building. Started by David Drago in 1929, he came from Calais and brought with him the cash register presently on display at the museum. This building burned in 1958. I do not know the year the Matangelo family took ownership, but they had the plans drawn for the concrete block building that was constructed on the left side of the parking lot. That is the Fruit Store most remember and those plans are at the museum.
Another interesting plan is for the local library. The original library was on Central Street in the Decker-Gonya Block. It opened in 1919. As part of the town’s 50th anniversary activities (1951), a construction committee was formed to make plans for a new larger library. A plot of land opposite the Millinocket Trust Company on Penobscot Avenue was acquired from the Great Northern Paper Company. It would be located between the Rexall Drug Store and A.C. Smart’s store. Monies were voted at town meetings and committees were formed. A plan was drawn up (the one at the museum). This library was to have parking space for eight touring cars and had an estimated cost of $75,000. But time passed and in 1961 when the Great Northern Hotel was demolished, the town exchanged the Penobscot Avenue lot with GNP for the former hotel lot on Maine Avenue. So these first plans were never used.

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