Monday, July 20, 1914, Chesuncook. Two shallow gates opened 5’, 5:30 AM. Two gates in log sluice opened 5’, 5:30 AM. New sluice opened 5:30 AM. New sluice, two gates in log sluice closed 6:30 PM. Two small gates closed 4 ½ ft., 6:30 PM. Two small gates 3 ½”. Moosehead, 6:00 five gates and logway. North Twin, 493.05. 5:30 AM opened log sluice. 7:00 PM closed log sluice to 5’ 0”. Quakish, 5:00 AM, 30” = 460.50, 5:00 PM, 32”.
This is part of an entry in a small, black bound journal for 1914 donated to the museum by William Burke, Jr. This journal and two others (for 1915 and 1919) had been in the possession of William Burke, Sr. All three journals contain handwritten notations by several different people. On the covers of two of the journals, someone has written Water Levels. Although much of the information makes some sense to those of us unfamiliar with the dams and the drives, a lot is unclear. We would appreciate anyone stopping in at the museum to assist us in understanding these journals.
The 1915 journal does not contain any specific information on the dams. Instead it has sparse notations relating to the comings and goings of personnel and some notes regarding communication. For example, Monday, April 5, 1915 states: FCB at North Twin Dam, PM. Millinocket Mill began piling logs. (Assume FCB was Frank Bowler. Two different handwritings in this entry.) The July 31 entry states that I. Schenck left for Boston in auto, AM. The Oct. 24, 1915 entry: Drained canal to overhaul penstock headgates. Racks very dirty – large accumulations bark & mud in front of 11 ft. penstock. Estimate over 100 cu. yds. to be removed. The 1919 journal sentries are similar to the 1914 book.
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