New treasures have been arriving at the museum all summer! It’s hard to keep up with them, so here’s more of what arrived recently. Another small piece of the former “Palace in the Woods” (otherwise known as the Great Northern Hotel) now resides at the museum. A small round container (is it for sugar or something else?) that matches a creamer and oval plate that has been in the collection for years. All three items have the same blue pattern on white. This was donated by Janice McCauslin Watson. We appreciate having this item as such things from the interior of the hotel are difficult to find. The museum has many photos of the outside of this structure (torn down in the early 1960’s). Does anyone have photos of the hotel’s interior?
Watson donated a photo of her dad, John McCauslin, in uniform for the museum’s military display. Along with the photo are a uniform hat, a helmet and a roll-up canvas toiletry kit that still has original items in it. These are all WWII era as is a German helmet. A SHS jacket, a program from the town’s 50th birthday and SHS class of 1943 senior photos and reunion photos were donated.
Some young museum visitors know what a “tree cookie” is. It’s a section or slice of a tree cut so that the rings show. An interesting one was donated by John York. It was found in the water at Dolby and it has a log stamp on it. It is stamped LAD. The mark is faint and worn, but still legible in the right light. It is on display in the logging room. In the early days of the log drives, the end of each log needed a mark to identify it so that the company or logger would get paid at the end of the drive. Many different log stamps had to be noted and tallied in a ledger at the end of each day. Very early on, the marks were made with an ax and they could be quite intricate. Later, as in the one with LAD, a tool was used. Several can be seen at the museum as can an early ledger noting the log stamps on all wood passing through Stone Dam around 1904-05. As many as twenty stamps a day are tallied.
Dana W. Brown, 95, donor of the museum’s Native American collection and many of the logging era tools passed away recently. When able, he enjoyed visiting the museum and talking about the river drives and telling us about how he acquired the items.
Copies of Within Katahdin’s Realm, Log Drives and Sporting Camps by Bill Geller available at the museum. Cost is $30.00. By mail add $5 SH. The new 2019 “Sports for All Ages” themed calendars are available at the museum, Save-a-Lot, Steel Magnolias, Katahdin General Store and Trailside Country Store, $10.00 each (by mail add $4.00 SH).

***Books by local authors, sets of GNP/Bowater drinking glasses & some matted 8” x 10” and 5” x 7” photos for sale.
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