A rare rainy day lately brought several AT hikers, campers or family members of hikers to the museum. They shared stories of their experiences and appeared eager to learn of the area and the history of this town at the end of the AT.
At some point, the museum will curate an exhibit relating to the topic of medicine. The museum has numerous vintage (and scary) medical instruments from local doctors and dentists. We have Dr. Ryan’s medical bag (1st doctor) and signs from Millinocket General Hospital and Dr. Morey’s practice. We even have a hand-made model of the Millinocket Community Hospital (it’s currently in storage). A recent addition is a tiny t-shirt that a newborn baby wore home from the hospital. It was donated by Margie King along with a copy of a history of the hospital auxiliary. Also in the donation from Margie were several copies of the Granite Street School newspaper, The Echoes.
Robin Burgess brought in an office chair that originally resided at the Great Northern Hotel probably in the 1940’s. It has a very sturdy metal base with brass trim. It was possibly used by one of the managers of the hotel or perhaps by guests seated at a writing desk.
The museum’s genealogy section continues to expand as more family tree information and photos are added. Frank Miller and daughter June Miller Ouellette made their annual visit to the museum and contributed several Miller family photos. Burdette Miller and wife Emma were owners of The Millinocket Times over 100 years ago. The museum has two copies of this newspaper, both dated 1917. Burdette Miller sold this newspaper in that year with expectations of enlisting in the military when the U.S. entered WWI. However, he was turned down as he had too many children. Frank Miller was one of these children. He does not recall who purchased the newspaper and the museum has been unable to determine if there was a local newspaper after 1917. The next paper at the museum is dated 1939.
Other photos added to genealogy are from Sandra Lyons (photos of Archibald Lyons) and from Linda (York) Hardy. The Lyons photo is in a National Geographic magazine and shows him poling wood into a mill debarker. The Hardy photos are of Russell York (WWII and Air Force Reserve).

Just received for sale, five copies of Greg Westrich’s guidebook, Hiking in Baxter State Park ($20.00 at the museum). It describes numerous park trails.

Copies of Within Katahdin’s Realm, Log Drives and Sporting Camps by Bill Geller available at the museum. Cost is $30.00. By mail add $5 SH. The new 2019 “Sports for All Ages” themed calendars are available at the museum, Save-a-Lot, Steel Magnolias, Katahdin General Store and Trailside Country Store, $10.00 each (by mail add $4.00 SH).

***Books by local authors, sets of GNP/Bowater drinking glasses & some matted 8” x 10” and 5” x 7” photos for sale.
*** A Little Taste of History, recipes from Millinocket pioneer families and their descendants. 200 pages. $15.00 (mail orders $5.00 SH each). At the museum, Memories of Maine Gallery, Steel Magnolias, Katahdin General, Gracie’s Aunt’s Emporium, Trailside Country Store & by mail.
*** Engraved pavers are $100.00 each. Up to 3 lines, 15 letters, symbols, spaces max per line. Contact museum for form or more details.
***Contact me, Curator Trudy Wyman, 723-5477 or trudy18@beeline-online.net. For groups or appointments, contact the Millinocket Historical Society at P. O. Box 11, on the web at www.millinockethistoricalsociety.org or on Facebook.