Reminder! Stories by descendants of Little Italy is the planned topic for the afternoon of Sept. 20 at the museum. Between 1PM and 3PM several local residents will talk about the history and people, their traditions, food and many other interesting tales of this historic area of Millinocket. Please plan to join us for a few minutes or for the whole session!
Recently added to the museum’s genealogy archives are several Madore family photos (Mark Sopko) and Walls family information (Don Howard). Mark’s mother Jacqueline visited a few weeks ago and shared stories of games played by children in the Little Italy area when she was young. A visitor from New Brunswick stopped in town (cemetery, museum and town office) while following up on his Boddy family line. He has been communicating via e-mail with us at the museum and with Boddy’s here in Maine.
Hayden was an early Millinocket photographer. His name appears on a number of photos at the museum. They are all matted to heavy black paperboard and each is embossed with Hayden’s name. Tom Oliver brought in several recently. One is thought to be Grand Pitch, another Stone Dam and the remainder are possibly Dolby Dam construction. The detail is great on these photos. Paul Allen donated several older photos also. Most of these are currently unidentified. One labeled Kimball’s Store is thought to be the original store located in the GNP mill yard near the bridge (Laverty book). Another shows an unknown logging camp. We were able to determine it is a copy from one of the glass negatives in the GNP collection in UMaine’s Special Collections at the Folger Library. It is listed as “unknown logging camp” there also. Another photo depicts a tall peaked barn or livery stable with men and horses in front. There were several livery stables in town as noted in some of the old local newspapers.
Enlargements of photos were donated by Gary Stevens. One, a sled of 4 ft. wood being hauled by a team of horses and another familiar photo of four river drivers “picking the rear” have found a spot in the Logging Room. The third is of #10 machine dated 3/26/1920.

***Now available, copies of Greg Westrich’s guidebook, Hiking in Baxter State Park ($20.00 at the museum). It describes numerous park trails.

*** Within Katahdin’s Realm, Log Drives and Sporting Camps by Bill Geller is available at the museum. Cost is $30.00. By mail add $5 SH. The new 2019 “Sports for All Ages” themed calendars are available at the museum, Save-a-Lot, Steel Magnolias, Katahdin General Store, Trailside Country Store and Spoiled Hair Salon, $10.00 each (by mail add $4.00 SH).
***Books by local authors, sets of GNP/Bowater drinking glasses & some matted 8” x 10” and 5” x 7” photos for sale. We have SHS and St. Martin’s yearbooks for sale ($10.00 each).
*** A Little Taste of History, recipes from Millinocket pioneer families and their descendants. 200 pages. $15.00 (mail orders $5.00 SH each). At the museum, Memories of Maine Gallery, Steel Magnolias, Katahdin General, Gracie’s Aunt’s Emporium, Trailside Country Store & by mail.
*** Engraved pavers are $100.00 each. Up to 3 lines, 15 letters, symbols, spaces max per line. Contact museum for form or more details.
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