Join us this week, Thursday, September 20, 1-3 PM to hear a talk by several local residents sharing stories of Millinocket’s Little Italy. Please plan to join us for a few minutes or for the whole session!
Visitors from afar are amazed to learn that the building of the mill and soon after, the town, was commenced before there were any real method of getting here. The Bangor and Aroostook Railroad passed through the area, although at some distance from the proposed mill site. The only other access was by water (West Branch) or via the old Sourdnahunk tote road. It wasn’t until 1901 that a road was petitioned by the Penobscot County Commissioners for a road to connect to Medway and Mattawamkeag. Central Street would be extended by building a steel bridge with stone abutments over Millinocket Stream. The museum has a display a large picture showing this bridge (c1911).
Getting all the people involved in building the mill to the site wasn’t easy. Another early GNP photo at the museum shows the 1899 version of Katahdin Avenue complete with tree stumps. This first “street” was the way to get people, building materials and other goods from the railroad into town until a railroad station was added and a spur line constructed to the mill site. People came from all parts of the world as this was where there was work for many.
A visitor to the museum asked to look at timelines showing major events in the town’s history. One is in the booklet printed for Millinocket’s 100th birthday. This has both highlights of the mill as well as town events. Dorothy Laverty’s 1973 published history also has a timeline. Both books are available at the museum. We have also collected a number of other timelines that have been printed in various sources throughout the years. These are compiled in a binder for easy access.
MHS will have a table at the craft fair at the American Legion, Saturday, October 20. Join us there!

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