The numbers 499 and 999 popped up this week on museum as tallies on museum related web postings. The first represents the number of these weekly writings I have done for, first, The Katahdin Times and mostly for The Lincoln News. I appreciate The Lincoln News for publishing them for so many weeks. The second number, 999, represents the number of people who have “liked” The Millinocket Historical Society’s Facebook page. To be counted, you have to like the actual page, not just a posting and you only get counted once. Many more people “like” and/or comment on individual posts and that can happen on any post. Facebook has proven to be one of the museum’s best way to get the word out of museum activities and other news. Many regulars check in every week to see what is taking place. Thank you!
The museum has a library of books by Millinocket authors and other books relating to this area. These are found in the Research/Genealogy Room. A collection of logging related books can be found in the Logging Room. All of these may be used at the museum for research or enjoyment.
Several new books have recently been added. “Chimney Pond Tales,” (new revised version), featuring stories told by Roy Dudley (guide, ranger) who lived at Chimney Pond. In the 1930’s, Clayton Hall recorded (on wax cylinders on an early Edison machine) and then transcribed the stories. Beth (Hall) Harmon and others compiled this book (first published in 1991). Harmon had these books on sale in Millinocket during the Trails End Festival and presented the museum with a copy. Another, more serious book, was donated by the author Randi Minetor. The title is “Death on Katahdin,” and is a factual, detailed description of several untimely deaths on or near the mountain. This book is one of a series on deaths in parks around the country by this author who visited the museum and other places in the area some months ago. Her information was collected from newspapers from the particular time period as well as interviews with individuals and BSP spokespersons. The Katahdin book focuses on a few untimely accidents, but also lists nearly all the deaths there including accidents, medical issues and a couple of murders.

***Join us at the craft fair at the American Legion, Saturday, October 20. Copies of Geller and Westrich books, MHS cookbook, Tales of Little Italy DVD, Spirit of Katahdin DVD, 2019 MHS calendar and more available! 9AM -2PM.

***Available for purchase at the museum………
1. “Tales of Little Italy” DVD – $15.00 ($2.50 each SH);
2. “Within Katahdin’s Realm, Log Drives and Sporting Camps” by Bill Geller – $30.00 ($5.00 each SH);
3. Taste of History cookbooks – $15.00 $5.00 each SH on mail orders);
4. 2019 MHS Calendars, “Sports for All Ages”- $10.00 ($5.00 each SH);
5. “Hiking in Baxter State Park” by Greg Westrich – $20.00 ($5.00 SH);
6. Engraved pavers, $100.00 each, contact MHS for details and form.

*** During October at Millinocket Hannaford, purchase of specified reusable grocery bags benefit the Millinocket Historical Society. The Hannaford Bag program has been selecting and supporting local non-profits for several years. Thank you!

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