Now available!
“TALES of LITTLE ITALY” DVD. A 73 minute edited tape of the museum’s Sept.20 afternoon of stories by descendants of Millinocket’s Little Italy. Presenters included Dick Manzo, Dorothy (Colangelo) Howard and Shirley (Gagliardi) Oliver. Audience members participated by asking questions and sharing some of their own stories.
For a copy of the DVD, stop in at the museum or order by mail. Cost is $15.00 each (add $2.50 SH each for mail orders). Check or money order to Millinocket Historical Society,
PO Box 11, Millinocket, ME 04462.
We hope to add more photos, artifacts and stories to the museum’s Little Italy collection. If you have something to share or donate, contact us at the above address or contact MHS Curator, Trudy Wyman at or 207-723-5477 or on the museum’s Facebook page.