One of the most used reference books at the museum is John E. McLeod’s condensed version of Great Northern. This version, The Northern, The Way I Remember, is only 172 pages and contains highlights of the much larger, complete story of the company. The condensed version is easily readable, contains some photos and can be used by students and others to get an impression of GNP’s history.
The seven volume complete version was researched and written between 1960 and 1974 and covers the company’s history from the beginning until approximately 1970. One bound set was donated to the Fogler Library, University of Maine, Orono. Today it can be accessed there in the Special Collections section of the library. The only other known copies printed and bound were also presented by McLeod to the Maine State Library, Millinocket Memorial Library and the public libraries in East Millinocket, Bangor and Presque Isle. McLeod also donated to the Fogler Library much of his research material including glass negatives of photographs of the company’s early years. (Appointment needed to access the GNP Collection stored off-site.)
Recently a typed copy of Chapter XX1, Spruce Wood, Great Northern was donated to the museum. Containing 278 pages (one side only), it contains specific details of the company’s cutting operations, bookkeeping systems, bosses, supplies used, horses and equipment and much, much more. It appears the information was gleaned from many of the large ledgers and books kept by various departments of the company. Whether this particular copy of Chap. 21 was a draft copy before the final version is unknown. Are there similar copies of other chapters out there? This particular copy was given to donor Peter Grabber some time ago by someone who had worked in Woodlands. How it came to that person is unknown. This copy has heavyweight covers (similar to card stock) then holes were punched and the whole thing held together with an Accopress metal strip (a method used before the familiar 3 ring binders of today).
This book is now in the museum’s Logging Room. We would like to hear if anyone knows of any other chapter copies. The seven volume version was never printed and published for general distribution. The condensed version was printed for local distribution and copies are finding their way to the museum. Some are for sale as new audiences are interested in the company’s history.

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