Since the successful “Tales of Little Italy” event at the museum, photos and other memorabilia have been added to the museum’s collection. Photos of the Colangelo, Manzo, Pasquine, Gagliardi and DiNardo families have been scanned, printed and added to the appropriate family files. Thank you to Dot (Colangelo) Howard, Carmen (Manzo) Doe, Fred Pasquine, Shirley (Gagliardi) Oliver and Sharon Machia for allowing the scans.
In addition Joseph Gagliardi donated a photo and two advertising items from Joseph Gagliardi, Sr.’s two local businesses. The photo shows Joe’s Tailor Shop (with Bilodeau’s Electrical Appliances store next to it. (207 Penobscot Ave., where small mini-park now located next to Municipal Bldg.). Joe was known by the nickname, Joe Pip. After running the tailor shop for some time, the business closed and Gagliardi opened Vesuvio Restaurant at the same location. People referred to the restaurant as Joe Pip’s. What appears to be the top portion of a calendar (1950’s era) was donated. It advertises the restaurant and has a picture of a pretty woman dressed in white.
Deanna Shepperd gave t-shirts from Little Italy Heritage Days plus a photo album filled with pictures. David Oliver brought in a disk with photos of the Little Italy monument dedication (2014) and Maureen (Delahanty) Calder sent a four page story of her recollections of growing up in Little Italy.
These new photos and other artifacts are currently displayed at the museum. Also on display are several large framed photos of DiNardo family members, a box of bocce balls, a 1937 calendar from Palmer DiNardo’s Italian Grocery , all previously in the museum’s collection.
Joseph Gagliardi, Jr. also brought several additional items. They included a photo of #6 rebuild crew (1947), basketball tournament program (1970), a 1949 and a 1953 Snoops and Scoops and graduation program and announcement from 1954. A photo shows the 1953 SHS basketball team standing near a B& A bus. Gagliardi said he was a member of that team and they were defeated in the state championship game. The team was then treated to a trip to the New England tournament as spectators. A small Millinocket bicycle license/ID card from 1948 was brought in also. This is the second one the museum has that has survived through time. The museum also has a bicycle license plate from the same era.
A reminder that the museum is open regular days and hours throughout the winter, with the exception of heavy snow days. We are, perhaps, the only small museum in the state to keep winter hours.
More DVD’s of the “Tales of Little Italy” are available for purchase at the museum, $15.00 (add $2.50 SH for mail orders).

***Available for purchase at the museum………
1. “Within Katahdin’s Realm, Log Drives and Sporting Camps” by Bill Geller – $30.00 ($5.00 each SH);
2. Taste of History cookbooks – $15.00 ($5.00 each SH on mail orders);
3. “Spirits of Katahdin” DVD – $10.00;
4. 2019 MHS Calendars, “Sports for All Ages”- $10.00 ($5.00 each SH);
5. “Hiking in Baxter State Park” by Greg Westrich – $20.00 ($5.00 SH);
6. Engraved pavers, $100.00 each, contact MHS for details and form;
7. …and more

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