The American Legion Post #80, here in Millinocket, was formed one hundred years ago in 1919. The first meetings were held in a tarred paper shack. By 1926, the group had purchased a small brick building on Penobscot Avenue. In the 1959, the Legion constructed and moved into a new building on outer Central Street. It was during the 1950’s that Central Street was extended up over the hill. Of the many organizations that have been in Millinocket, few can celebrate a 100th birthday. The museum has American Legion uniforms with insignia from Harry Carroll, Joe Stevens and Lawrence Mackin. There are souvenir canes from parades. Some items are displayed in the military room.
New items recently donated to the museum include Katahdin Times and other newspapers by Nadine Webster and maps by Nick LaCombe. One map shows the Woodlands of the East and West Branches of the Penobscot River. Maps such as this are helpful when showing museum visitors how the many logs and sticks of pulpwood made their way from the logging areas all the way to the mill. Mary Ellen Whalen brought in a T-shirt to add to the Little Italy collection.
Several small photos have been added to the collection. Celeste (Sturman) Poulin sent in photos of GNP, Jerry Pond and the old town pool. Belinda Smyth donated a photo of the Millinocket the Opera House showing several young men sitting on the staircase leading to the balcony. Roderick Fraser, Jr mailed two snapshots from an early photo album. One is labeled log jam at Millinocket Lake, 7/1937. The other says Ernest and Margaret (or Margot) Dyer, 10/8/49, married.
In the 1960’s and later, visitors were allowed to tour the GNP mills. Tourists, locals and school groups were given an overview and led on guided tours throughout the mill. I remember, in the late 1970’s, going through twice with my fifth grade students from Granite Street School. Recently the museum was given a photo and a set of six gold trimmed glasses by Donald Raymond. The glasses were presented to Raymond as a gift for being the 1000th visitor. A photograph of Raymond (about age 10) shows him receiving the gift. With him are his father and brother,
A reminder that the museum is open regular days and hours throughout the winter, with the exception of heavy snow days. We are, perhaps, the only small museum in the state to keep winter hours.
More DVD’s of the “Tales of Little Italy” are available for purchase at the museum, $15.00 (add $2.50 SH for mail orders).

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1. “Within Katahdin’s Realm, Log Drives and Sporting Camps” by Bill Geller – $30.00 ($5.00 each SH);
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