The Crosby Steam Gauge and Valve Company of Boston started to receive patents for their steam whistles and parts in the 1800’s. In 1966, Gary Jandreau of Millinocket found a piece of one in a cove at the foot of Millinocket Lake. In November of 2018, he donated it to the museum. One can wonder what journey this piece has traveled! The piece, with a green patina (brass?) is approximately 4” tall and about 2” across and had threads top and bottom for other pieces to be attached. It is marked with the Crosby company name plus Patent, Feb. 23, 1875. The company still exists today. Some research leads us to believe it may be a part of a chime whistle of the kind used on steam boats. Note that the Titanic had three steam whistles (9 inch, 12 inch and 15 inch diameters).
Was this once a part of the whistle on a GNP towboat or was it from one of the boats that carried passengers from the train station at Norcross to one of the many sporting camps on one of the lakes in the early 1900’s? At least one of the towboats was steam powered.
The book, A Day’s Work, A Sampler of Historic Maine Photographs 1860-1920, part 2, shows a photo of the steamer Gypsie. A canoe atop the steamer may have belonged to one of the passengers or “sports” shown waiting to board the Gypsie prior to a voyage up the lake to a sporting camp. Several passengers are shown waiting to board. Also visible in the photo are crates addressed to Sourdanahunk Dam Co. and West Branch Driving and River Driving Company. Thanks, Gary Stevens, for letting us borrow this book!
Fraternal and social organizations! There have been many in Millinocket through the years. The museum has items on display or archived from Odd Fellows, Rainbow Girls, Philharmonic Club, Emblem Club, Masons, American Legion, Art Society, Knights of Pythias, Katahdin Kiwanis, Eastern Star, and more. The collections consist of uniforms, pins, swords, photos, regalia and more. A recent donation from Suzanne and Jon Kendrick included three vests and one shirt from the former local Jaycees and Jaycettes. Lenny Berry donated a photo (Camelot) and treasurer’s books from the Millinocket Players.
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