On October 14, 1941, a group of twenty-one young men enlisted in the military in Old Town. The museum has a photo of this group with the above date written on the back. With the photo is a card with a few names. The card may have been placed with the photo after its donation to the museum. The photo’s condition is poor (dark and stained), but since it shows Millinocket WWII era military and perhaps East Millinocket and Medway men, it deserves to be shown. The names on the card are Brown and Farnsworth (no first names), George Ferland, Dana Edmonds, and two Monaco brothers (Restant and ?). We would very much like to identify all these young men who enlisted shortly before Pearl Harbor and the U.S. entry into WWII. See this photo at the museum or on the Millinocket Historical Society’s Facebook page.
The museum has received a donation from John Beaupain of 50+photos taken by Roger Boynton, mill photographer. They include interior mill photos and several general subjects such as Mt. Katahdin, lakes, camps, fishermen etc. Beaupain also donated a number of 12” x 18” GNP photos which will be used for display purposes.
Do you remember blotters? Those rectangular pieces of heavyweight paper with a fuzzy coating on the back. They were used to blot ink when we used a fountain pen to write a letter! In even earlier days, they were a necessity when using pens dipped into ink bottles. There are several blotters in the museum’s collection. Many were given out as advertisements for businesses. The museum has one from the Millinocket Opera House. It says. “Opportunity of a Lifetime for Every Student.” It’s from 1940 and the theater was giving away one volume of an encyclopedia each week until the set was complete for a total of fifteen volumes. Other blotters in the museum’s collection advertise businesses such as Millinocket Insurance Agency.
A professor of animation from a Maryland college spent time at the museum. For a sabbatical project, he asked to look at GNP mill photos from the 1950’s -1960’s. These will provide him with information for his animated documentary. Can’t wait to see the result at some future date.
Several museum projects are in the planning stages: the museum’s 40th birthday, a second Little Italy story telling event, next year’s calendar and more. Stay tuned! Also, by July 4, we expect to place a new group of pavers out front. Order before May to be included. Honor an organization, school class, sports team, business, yourself or a friend. Plan a paver in memory of someone/family. Contact the museum for details!

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