Great news was received by the historical society last week! The Davis Family Foundation has awarded the museum a $30,000 grant that will allow work to commence again on the second floor portion of the museum. We’ll keep you updated! Thank you, Mark Bigge and KEDC for putting this grant together for MHS.
A new exhibit will be appearing soon at the Millinocket Historical Society museum will feature photos and artifacts from the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts. Last week, I shared information relating to the Millinocket Boy Scouts. This week highlights the local Girl Scouts. The Girl Scouts of America began in 1912 and within a few years, this organization became worldwide. In Maine, the first troop was formed in Augusta in 1917.
The earliest local artifact in the museum’s collection is a scrapbook compiled by Polly Segee. The scrapbook contains many newspaper articles featuring Girl Scout and Brownie events from, 1952-1963. Articles pasted into the scrapbook tell of the many activities from thinking days, skating parties, fly-ups, cookie sales (40 cents a box) and many more all under the direction of the Millinocket Girl Scout Association. One piece states that for 1958-59, the Millinocket GSA had 262 girls and eighty-five adults registered. Other more recent scrapbooks were donated by Dianne Bilodeau (Brownie Girl Scout Troop #181) and Bobbie Allen (2 scrapbooks mostly photos).
What else is in the museum’s Girl Scout collection? Posed photos from the Segee scrapbook (1953-54), one from 1960 showing older scouts and one from a 1950’s Brownie Troop. The last two donated by Carolyn Foster Willinski. In another photo, nine women (probably all GS leaders) are dressed in an attempt to appear as scouts from the early days. Front and center in a vintage GS uniform is Belle Rush. Among artifacts to be displayed are a sash from Troop 4 with several badges and pins and a GS handbook (Joan Carr) and patches (Ethel Kelley). Dianne Bilodeau gave GS handbooks. A Brownie Bonanza (date unknown) took place with Brownie Troops 64, 275, 122, 240, 62, 250, 63, 50 and 200 and all the participants are listed in the program for this event. Another program is for a Brownie Pow Wow in 1964. The number of local young people who have participated in scouting (Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts) is large and the lessons they have learned have helped them become outstanding citizens!
The museum will gladly accepts photos and other memorabilia from any of the local scouting programs. And don’t forget to get your paver orders in soon for summer placement!

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