We get researchers at the museum! Some visit to view photos, check old newspapers or talk with volunteers about many different topics. We have seen students, professors, authors and more. In the museum’s logging/river drive room we have a small collection of books related in some manner to the logging industry, locally and statewide. Visitors may sit and browse through these books and other logging related materials on the small bookcase. Some of the books are quite old, others newer.
Just added to this collection is a new book titled Logging Towboats and Boom Jumpers by Roger Allen Moody. It details the life of O. A. Harkness who helped develop technologies for the fleet of boats that contributed to the success of the Penobscot Log Driving Company and the Great Northern Paper Company (book sold on Amazon.com).
Other books available for research include:
1. The West Brancher by Charles Glaster who spent many years as a clerk, paymaster & superintendent for GNP;
2. Lumbering in the Millinocket, ME Area, 1930 thru 1959 by Sylvio Caron;
3. Woodsmen, Horses, and Dynamite by Max Hilton, (originally published 1942 & reprinted 2004 by University of Maine Press);
4. Tall Trees, Tough Men by Robert Pike &
5. The Penobscot Boom, 1825-1931by Alfred Hempstead which discusses the early Penobscot River drives before Great Northern Paper Company.

There are more resources there also with books on logging in the Allagash,
Thoreau’s In the Maine Woods and Lumbering in Maine by Wood. There are miscellaneous articles and photos plus photocopies of the Pittston Farm Weekly and a nearly complete set of The Northern magazine published by the GNP Spruce Wood Department in the 1920’s.
One interesting volume is Lumberjack Lingo, A Dictionary of the Logging Era by L.G. Sorden & Jacque Vallier. It contains primarily words from the Great Lakes area, but readers will find a great many of these terms were also used here in Maine. On the cover is an interesting sample.
“It’s five a.m. and the Gabriel blows. The bark eaters fall out of their muzzle loaders and head for the chuck house to bolt down a pile of stovelids with lots of blackstrap, some fried murphys or Johnny cake and maybe some logging berries. They dunk their rolling stock into their jerk water, growl at the hash slingers, pull up their galluses and head for the tall timber.”

***Available at the museum store………
1. “Within Katahdin’s Realm, Log Drives and Sporting Camps” by Bill Geller – $30.00 ($5.00 each SH);
2. Booklet -1903 Report on Millinocket & mill – interesting statistics – $7.00 at museum
3. “Tales of Little Italy” DVD, $15.00 ($2.50 each SH)
4. “A Little Taste of History” cookbooks – $15.00 ($5.00 each SH on mail orders);
5. “Spirits of Katahdin” DVD – $10.00 ($2.50 each SH);
6. Engraved pavers, $100.00 each, contact MHS for details and form; please order by mid-May for this year’s placement.
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