A letter from times past…finding one can reveal a family story, enlighten you about what an ancestor was like and much more. Quite a few of these old handwritten letters have found their way to the museum’s collection through the years. Many are military related including two large scrapbooks from the WWII era local Navy Mother’s Club. This group sent cards, letters and gift boxes of goodies to Navy and other local military personnel. The scrapbooks contain the responses from the recipients. The museum also has a few other letters sent by WWII servicemen. Copies of a collection of WWI letters written to a friend by Murray Morgan can be viewed in the Research and Genealogy Room as can the Thomas Clark letters about his time here in the early days of Millinocket.
Recently a query came via email referencing a letter in the possession of the sender. A copy of the letter accompanied the email. The query came from a descendant of Garret Schenck and was sent to Oscar Nickerson, Esq., Millinocket, Maine. Dated June 13th, 1901, the letter thanked Nickerson for helping protect “the company’s property” even risking his own life. The letter states that a watch was also sent as a token of thanks for “not hesitating to make the care of the valuable machinery under your charge your first thought.” The person making the query was seeking information on the 1901 event and believes it was a fire. He has the original letter and also the watch. A search of the oldest newspapers in the museum collection did not produce any information on the fire as the 1901 papers are for November and December of that year. One wonders if there are other letters and watches out there in the hands of descendants of other Great Northern employees who also risked their lives to save company assets in June of 1901.
New items received at the museum include several paper maker training manuals plus Katahdin Avenue School photos of Mrs. Arlene Neal’s grade one class, early 1960’s. These were brought to the museum by Germaine Anderson. Mr. Albert brought in a brochure from Kidney Pond Camps and an early brochure advertising Millinocket. Judy Cyr dropped off several Millinocket related DVDs. The museum’s copy of Ch. 21, Spruce Wood Dept. from The Northern by McLeod has been scanned to a searchable DVD by Frank Crosby.

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