Researching continues to be a part of museum volunteers’ routines. The latest is on Millinocket Lake and its dams. Sources checked include the Bill Geller book, Within Katahdin’s Realm and McLeod’s The Northern, the Way I Remember. In addition, a report in the Laverty Collection proved interesting. It is titled Report on Storage Dams, Particularly Small Ponds on West Branch Penobscot River. It was authored by E.W. Prouty after inspections by Prouty in the summer of 1936.
The report on Millinocket Lake Dam includes the following information. It is in Township 1, Range 8 on GNP land and partly on the estate of Garret Schenck. The original dam was of timber and located 500 feet upstream from the dam Prouty was inspecting. The original timber dam (mid- 1800’s) was constructed by the Penobscot Log Driving Company. Prouty describes the present dam as being constructed 1909-10 with a concrete gate section and spillway, a long earth embankment having a 4 foot diaphragm of plank at its center. In 1932, wooden gates were replaced with steel gates. The report states that Millinocket Lake is 14 square miles, stores 2940 million cubic feet of water, has an 8 foot draw-down, but holds eleven feet of water.
Three black and white photographs are included plus a sketch of the dam’s plan. Thirty storage dams are included in this report, Abacotnetic through Umbazookus and Yoke Pond. Prouty is also the photographer of a collection of glass negatives in the museum’s collection showing a variety of subjects. These have been scanned and can be viewed on the museum’s big screen. They are c1904-1907 vintage.
Join us at the museum on August 15 from 1PM – 2PM for a book signing by author Bradford Edwards. His book Tanglefoot is a work of historical fiction set in the Chesuncook Village, Chesuncook Lake area in the 1920’s. The characters are involved with making moonshine, carrying goods and men to the village and lumber camps and more. Two more novels are expected to follow in this Suncooker series. Edwards will have copies of the book available for purchase at the museum on the 15th.
Also available at the museum, Logging Towboats and Boom Jumpers by Roger Moody. The book tells the story of OA Harkness and his influence on the logging industry.

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