Stories were told of the games played in the streets of Millinocket’s Little Italy, of errands run to Caruso’s and DiNardo’s stores and of the sausages that were one man’s specialty. Tales of Little Italy, Part 2 was sponsored by the museum at St. Martin’s Catholic Church Parish Hall on August 20. It was attended by more than sixty interested people from Millinocket, several nearby towns and summer camp residents.
Thanks to Dorothy Colangelo Howard, Shirley Gagliardi Oliver and Dick Manzo for leading off with their stories to get things going. Dorothy Howard served as moderator and was able to coax attendees into standing and sharing some of their memories as a second or third generation Little Italy resident. The fact that Little Italy was a tight-knit community was repeatedly mentioned and how children were treated like family by their neighbors. One attendee started listing the names of each family who once lived there, going street by street. Many looked at on old GNP map on display by the museum which showed many of these same names. It was a successful and enjoyable afternoon!
Stop by the museum to see the new Little Italy display there. If you have items to donate to this display, stop in or contact the museum. Family photos (we can scan them or you can email them and you can retain the originals), info on stores and businesses, genealogy and more, it is all welcome. An announcement will be made when the DVD for Tales of Little Italy, Part 2 is available. Three different photos (matted) that were displayed at the event are available to purchase at the museum. The early views are of 1st bridge to Little Italy, early shacks in Little Italy and a Little Italy view showing several buildings and the mill.
The museum also hosted author Bradford Edwards for a book signing on August 15. His historical novel “Tanglefoot” is an enjoyable read. A few copies available at the museum. The same day Edwards donated an artifact to the museum. MHS has long hoped to have an original spiked logger’s boot to display with all the photos and tools in the Loging/River Drive Room. Edwards brought in a boot sole with remnants of spikes, a portion of a boot side and another leather piece. He found them near a former GNP camp on Unbazookus Lake. Pieces are better than nothing!

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