Northern Lights, the Stearns High School yearbook has been published since1924. Previously, Northern Lights was the annual publication of Millinocket High School. The museum has a 1912 issue plus originals from1920 to the present (missing a few of the latest).
A copy of the 1920 book was brought to the museum by Sandy Haynes. The book has a soft cover and is 6” x 9” and has no photographs. Only a few photos appear in the issues from the 1920’s. Senior photos didn’t show up in Northern Lights until 1930.
The first portion talks of “school spirit and class spirit, for these are lessons to learn even before your Mathematics and Latin.” It says, “One way to increase and strengthen our loyalty to M.H.S. is to learn the songs and then sing the songs written in her praise.” Other paragraphs mention school pride, library behavior and good manners “in the home, the school and elsewhere.”
A few pages of “Literary” follows and includes student written essays, poems and more. Special mention is made of the resignation of school janitor Mr. Galvin. George, as he was called by the children, had been janitor for many years and also a mentor in the school sports programs. The Senior class presented the three act comedy, The Dutch Detective,” at the Opera House and also traveled to Brownville Jct. High School for a presentation there. The high school also had a boys’ quartet and presented the operetta “Sylvia” in the spring.
Sports were deemed important and all students were encouraged to participate in baseball, basketball or football even though there was no hall in which to play basketball and no sports available for girls. The baseball team played twelve games against teams from Milo, Brownville Jct., Patten, Ricker, Island Falls and Houlton. (Note that semi-pro baseball teams were active at that time.) Fernald Hodgdon was elected cheerleader and “promises to have an effective bunch of noise-makers on the side lines at the opening game.” Although they had no hall for practice, they played away games at Patten, Sherman, Smyrna and against the U. of M. Rovers. Scores varied from MHS 6 –Patten 4 to a high of MHS 39 – Sherman Athletic Assoc. 43. The outlook for the football team was discouraging, but a five game schedule was arranged.
The advertisements provide a snapshot into 1920’s Millinocket. You could eat at William Hickel (candies, lunches, soft drinks) or purchase everything from groceries and dry goods to a bale of hay at J. F. Kimball Trading Post. If your home didn’t yet have electric lights, you could stop in at J. C. Smith Appliances & Supplies in the Bishop Block. Spring clothing was from N. Liss and Phil Connors Barber Shop had two chairs for a shave or haircut.

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