Odds and Ends From The MUSEUM!
By Trudy Wyman, Curator, Millinocket Historical Society Museum

How did the Golden Road get its name? Is the Great Northern Hotel still standing? The sporting camps on Rainbow Lake, does the museum have information? These are just some of recent questions posed to MHS. The museum’s research/genealogy room has answers to these questions and many more. Here is information on some resources you are welcome to research on your own at the museum or get assistance from our volunteers.
1. Print and digitized copy of 1900 Millinocket census
2. Town reports starting 1902
3. Yearbooks, both SHS and St. Martin’s
4. Obituaries – print copies and indexed on computer (death date, name)
5. Scrapbooks – GNP, sports, military and misc.
6. Files on homes (including blueprints of some homes Eastland Ave.)
7. Business file
8. Town directory 1961
9. Voter registration book (1938-1961)
10. Family trees (some very complete, others may just be info on one person or a few photos)
11. French-Canadian ancestry books
12. Local author books (some contain family stories)
13. Many local newspapers dating from 1902
14. Files of news articles and other misc. items by subject
15. Military lists (WWI and WWII) and miscellaneous files and more!

Also, in the Logging/River Drive Room there is a small library of reference books on local and Maine logging and in the Military Room there are several scrapbooks and reference books on local and WWI military topics. Many photos on all subjects are in the museum collection and copies or scans are available. We do charge a fee or ask a donation for copies or scans of photos.
Everyone is welcome to visit the museum to use any of these resources and there will be volunteers to assist you in your search. If you cannot visit, contact us via postal mail, email or Facebook.

In the Museum Store!
*** Preowned yearbooks – $10.00 each.
*** Matted photos, various prices – GNP mill, Little Italy, river drives, Mt. Katahdin.
*** 2020 Calendars, a few left – Beyond the Mill ($10)
*** DVD’s from both Little Italy Part 1 and Part 2 are available at the museum ($15 each) or mail order ($15 each).
***Books available: “Within Katahdin’s Realm, Log Drives and Sporting Camps” (Bill Geller) $30.00; “Logging Towboats & Boom Jumpers” (Moody) $18.00; “Tanglefoot,” (Edwards) $15.00; “Millinocket” (D. Duplisea) $20.00; “A Little Taste of History” cookbooks – $15.00; both Laverty books, $25 for history & $10 for architecture; “No Time for Moss (McKeen) $15.00.
*** All items may be mailed – add $5 SH each item.
***Museum open Thurs., Fri., Sat. Noon – 3PM, weather permitting.
*** For information, groups or appointments, contact Curator Trudy Wyman, 723-5477 or trudy18@beeline-online.net or the Millinocket Historical Society, P. O. Box 11, on the web at www.millinockethistoricalsociety.org or on Facebook.