Odds and Ends From The MUSEUM!
By Trudy Wyman, Curator, Millinocket Historical Society Museum

This week’s column is for students being remotely schooled at home, their parents and others too. Local history and family history are great topics for parents and caregivers to consider as they take on the role of teacher during this time. Dig out those old family photo albums, scrapbooks etc. Talk about the people in the photos and the events that have been memorialized in old scrapbooks. Not too many years ago the cutting out of news articles and pasting them to scrapbook pages along with event programs, ticket stubs and more was a favorite pastime. Arrange loose photos in some sort of order, label and place in an album or photo box. Work with family members (phone, Skype) to gather information for writing assignments that might include a family tree or family stories. Later, you might consider sharing some of these stories with the museum. Our collection of scrapbooks and stories continues to grow!
Students, you can learn anywhere and everywhere! Dig into family history. What brought the first family members to Millinocket? What work did they do? Where did they live? What activities, organizations etc. were they involved in? Ask your parents and relatives these questions and record (on paper or on video) the answers. Again, anyone who is willing to share family history, the museum can archive it. We get many queries with just a name and the information that a relative came to Millinocket in the early days. They ask if there are records of early GNP employees, they want to know where the relative lived etc. The museum’s collection of GN ledgers does not include mill employee lists. Some of the logging books do name men. The museum has started a file on houses where we add any data we get as to who built the house, location, and list of owners. There is no official information available, just what we have been told.
During America’s bicentennial in 1976, Dorothy Laverty led some student groups on a tour of the Millinocket cemetery and conducted history lessons. A lot of local history can be learned there. On the right (old Protestant section) and on left (old Catholic section) just inside the gate can be found the graves of many prominent early citizens. Much can be learned at this or any cemetery in addition to history. Look at the dates engraved on the headstones and practice math. What are the various stones made of (granite, slate, marble, sandstone)? Do some research! What part of the world does this stone come from? This is science and geography. Some stones have elaborate artwork…trees, angels etc. Draw some pictures! Until an actual visit can be made to the cemetery, visit Find-A-Grave online and type in Millinocket as the cemetery you wish to search. Of the over 3000 memorials, about 40% have been uploaded to the site.
Learning can take place anywhere and under many different circumstances. Take advantage of it!
The museum will remained closed until further notice! We can still be contacted via email, phone or Facebook. See below! Our sales items listed below are still available by mail or via social-distance at museum porch by appointment. Save any items you wish to donate to the museum for when we reopen!
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