Odds and Ends From The MUSEUM!
By Trudy Wyman, Curator, Millinocket Historical Society Museum

Millinocket has had some form of a post office since the early days. The first mentioned was somewhere on the mill site (Fowler farm). Then the post office was located in various rented buildings. In 1937, the federal government erected a post office building on Penobscot Avenue.
The cornerstone was laid on April 17 with appropriate ceremony. A parade formed at the armory, marched to the park and back to the post office site. The Millinocket band played and school children sang. Acting Postmaster Garfield Jones (also chairman of ceremonies) welcomed visitors and the keys to the new building were given to Jones by Harold Gates, ex-postmaster. There was an address (The Magic City) by Robert Hume (Supt. of GNP) and other speeches by representatives of the US Postal Service and Governor Barrows. Tokens representing many civic organizations and citizens were placed in the cornerstone box.
Many organizations deposited items in the box (also referred to as a time capsule). A list of each group and what they deposited is on the program for the day’s events. The museum has several of these programs. When completed, the copper box was sealed and placed in the cornerstone. This was followed by more music, ceremony, taps and a benediction.
During the town’s 100th celebration, that time capsule was removed and opened. Its contents are displayed in a large shadow box in the Millinocket Municipal Building. The museum has a scrapbook of photos of each of the items that were in the box. The museum also has a photo taken August 23, 1937 (day after opening day) showing a man identified as George Jones (not sure this is correct) at one of the windows and the museum has a three cent stamp said to be the first stamp sold that day.
Many take note of the large logging mural in the lobby. The Laverty book states this mural was one of several commissioned for new post offices by the federal government as part of the Public Works Project. Garfield Jones was the first postmaster at the new post office, followed by Willis Gates.
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