Odds and Ends From The MUSEUM!
By Trudy Wyman, Curator, Millinocket Society Museum

The original Katahdin Outing Club came into existence in 1936 when a group of local volunteers gathered nine miles north of Millinocket on the shores of Millinocket Lake and constructed a 40 foot by 65 foot log lodge with two fieldstone fireplaces. The group made two ski trails (half mile long North Tower Trail and Grand Pitch Trail), a jumping area, lighted skating area and a parking area. Near the lodge was a short rope tow for beginners and tiny tots. A ski patrol was formed and there was a ski school for beginners (Outing Club members). Quickly membership grew to 450-500 members with family memberships costing $5.00 a year. Tow rates for adult members was $1.25 a day, student members $1.00 a day and for non-members $2.00 a day. The Katahdin Outing Club lodge was destroyed by fire in April, 1948.
In March of 1972, Eddie Cyr and Tim Murray opened Black Cat Lodge as a year-round recreational area on almost the same spot with plans for numerous ski trails, T-bar lifts, toboggan sliding area and snowmobiling. The lodge would offer rooms for lodging as well as public rooms, a lounge and restaurant.
In the 1970’s, local authors Marion Whitney Smith and Kingman Smith wrote weekly articles for The Katahdin Journal. They were titled “Do You Remember.” The above information was taken from two of those articles published in March of 1972 when Black Cat Lodge and the area were under development. Looking ahead in 2020, new plans for that same area are underway. Anyone having information or photos from the original Katahdin Outing Club or Black Cat Lodge, contact the museum.
It’s hard to believe, but this is number 601 of the Odds and Ends column. When it was first suggested I write something for the local newspaper, I never thought it would go this far. At first it was in The Katahdin Times and then The Lincoln News. It is also found weekly on the museum Facebook page and museum website. Thank you to all who check in weekly for a glimpse into local history!

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