Odds and Ends From The MUSEUM!
By Trudy Wyman, Curator, Millinocket Society Museum

The Millinocket Land Company…this came up while researching a question about Medway Road. It appears that in the early days of Millinocket, that company is listed as owner of land on Medway Road. If any reader knows anything about that company, please contact the museum.
As early as 1901, Penobscot County Commissioners were contacted by town authorities about making a road from Central Street that would follow the old trail to Medway and Mattawamkeag. At that time Central Street crossed Millinocket Stream (first bridge can be seen in large photo displayed at museum) and continued past by what would be State and Congress Streets (the Flat). From there, the new road would follow the old trail to Medway. The first town dump was located near the bridge. Beyond the bridge, the road curved south and downstream over the high land that backed Little Italy. Many French families settled there. The town also planned for a burying ground on the high land there. Over time, new houses were built and Charles Tapley built a building that housed several things. There was a Chinese laundry in the basement, a social hall for parties and dances and rooms and board were available. Later the building was purchased by Mr. Barbian and eventually it became the original Hotel Terrace. (Information from Laverty book, Millinocket, Magic City of Maine’s Wilderness, available at museum.)
A bit of local election trivia! In 1943 Millinocket accepted the provisions for absentee voting in regard to town elections. This made it possible for WWII men and women to vote while away serving their country. And a timely piece of election news from a Nov. 3, 1924 news article. “It is desired that the citizens of Millinocket show the same amount of loyalty and cast an equally number of votes at the polls this week in the presidential election as characterized in the gubernational contest for their own state. Let us have no slackers.” FYI…in that presidential election, incumbent Calvin Coolidge won over Democratic opponent John W. Davis. In the governor’s race that year, incumbent Percival Baxter won over Ralph Owen Brewster.
Looking for mannequins (especially male w/head) and wig stands for future displays! Also could use a couple of two-drawer file cabinets.

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