Odds and Ends From The MUSEUM!
By Trudy Wyman, Curator, Millinocket Society Museum

Author B. W. Edwards stopped by the museum with five copies of his book 2 in the “Suncookers” series. Edwards has spent summers in the Chesuncook Lake area since he was a boy. Searching for Native American artifacts, watching the towboats pull booms of wood down the lake and other experiences led him to begin the three book “Suncookers” series. Two years ago, Edwards did a book signing at the museum for book 1, Tanglefoot. This historical fiction work is “set in the Northwoods of Maine in an isolated logging community, Tanglefoot follows fourteen-year-old Charlie King as he learns the ropes of making, transporting and selling moonshine during the summer of 1920 right after prohibition begins.”
Book 2, The Nighthawk deals more with Charlie and Abby and a canoe trip to Abby’s Abenaki grandmother. What follows is a search for a cure for dying villagers. “The only problem is that it can only be found a long time ago, in the shadow of the Nighthawk’s homeland where Charlie has to face the black wings.”
Currently the museum has 2 available copies of Tanglefoot and five of The Nighthawk at $15 each (plus $5 SH if mailed). More may become available from the author when he is reachable…he’s a bit “off the grid probably working on book 3.” There is also the possibility of another book signing later this summer!
Museum news…
1. New 2021 calendars are here! Theme – “Everyone Loves a Parade!”
2. Covid update – Visitors welcome, but if unvaccinated, please wear a mask!
3. Internet available at museum as guest. Thank you to MHS member and volunteer JD!
4. Museum now has own email… MillinocketHistSoc@gmail.com …and you can still contact us at PO Box 11, or the curator’s email and phone number listed below.
5. Floor surface of the handicapped ramp has been replaced and new railings are coming soon.
6. Work is continuing on a new book for the museum store – Millinocket Schoolhouses…A Look Back in Time! Hope to have it finished and printed by late summer!
7. New Millinocket Historical Society website is also almost ready to go on the internet. Thanks to Cathy Brown for all her work!
8. Some museum resources have been scanned and are searchable. Leola has completed scanning of The Northern magazine (1920’s GNP woodlands), Millinocket town reports thru 1951, 2010 Alumni book and work is beginning on Stearns HS yearbooks. Having these sources searchable is a great timesaver when doing research!
Museum open Thursday, Friday, Saturday Noon-3PM
In the Museum Store!
*** Preowned yearbooks – $10.00 each.
*** Matted photos, various prices – GNP mill, Little Italy, river drives, Mt. Katahdin.
*** DVD’s, Little Italy Part 1 and Part 2 available at the museum ($15 each) or mail order ($15 each).
***Books: “Within Katahdin’s Realm, Log Drives and Sporting Camps” (Bill Geller) $30.00; “Logging Towboats & Boom Jumpers” (Moody) $18.00; “Tanglefoot,” (Edwards) $15.00; “The Nighthawk,” (Edwards) $15.00; “Millinocket” (D. Duplisea) $20.00; “A Little Taste of History” cookbooks – $15.00; both Laverty books, $25 history & $10 architecture; “Our Real World,” (M. Murphy); “No Time for Moss (McKeen) $15.00 and several preowned books (out of print) by local authors.
*** All items may be mailed – add $5 SH each item.
*** For information, groups or appointments, contact Curator Trudy Wyman, 723-5477. New email is MillinocketHistSoc@gmail.com or trudy18@beeline-online.net or the Millinocket Historical Society, P. O. Box 11, on the web at www.millinockethistoricalsociety.org or on Facebook.