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1.    New !!  A Glimpse into Early Millinocket Days        $15.00 plus $3.00SH

**Collection from Millinocket Journals, 1901-03

** This 36 page book contains samples of early advertisements, news items and other interesting tidbits. Book compiled, printed and bound by museum volunteers.


2.    Millinocket, Magic City of Maine’s Wilderness         $25.00

            by Dorothy Bowler Laverty     (Softcover)

** History of the mill and town from the late 1800’s until the early 1970’s. It is currently out of       print, but the museum has a few copies left.


3.    So You Live in Millinocket

            by Dorothy Bowler Laverty   (Hardcover $15.00) (Soft cover $10.00)

** The architectural styles found in Millinocket through the 1980’s when the book was published. Some town history is interwoven throughout the book.


4.    Millinocket      $20.00

            by David R. Duplisea

**From the Arcadia Publishing Co. series of town photo histories, this book by MHS member David R. Duplisea contains photos from the museum’s collection. Text is by the author.



5.    MHS Calendars featuring vintage photos.

            ** All older calendars, 2009-2016 available for $5.00 each plus $4.00 each SH.



***All books, please add $3.00 each for mail orders.


Mail check or money order to:

Millinocket Historical Society

Attn: Trudy Wyman, Curator