Odds and Ends From The MUSEUM
By Trudy Wyman, Curator, Millinocket Historical Society Museum

Going camping in 1905? How do you prepare? The answer is found in a a letter donated to the museum recently. A young man named Thomas Clark who was staying at the Great Northern Hotel wrote a letter to a lady named Lydia. It gives specific directions on which train to take from Boston to Norcross, what to pack and what to expect upon arrival. The following are excerpts from that letter with spelling and punctuation etc. as written.
“For clothes every girl will want bloomers not to full to be worn under a woolen skirt at least twelve inches clear off the ground and golf stockings. Two pair of shoes one heavy pair for rough walking and one pair of sneakers for hunting for surely you will bring a camera.” (The sneakers probably were not the 2017 version.) “Rubber soled shoes will not do at all unless they so old you don’t care to bring them back and also they must be large enough to wear over your golf or other woolen stockings as you can’t walk anywhere without getting your feet wet sooner or later and with woolen stockings your feet will be warm when wet and prevent you catching cold. If you think all this woolen will kill you in summer” (letter written in July and mentions 90 degree temps) “just make up your mind to be a martyr to the cause then you will die happy.”
The letter continues saying to pack woolen shirtwaists and sweaters and an old felt hat. As to doing laundry after arrival “there is a steam laundry here in town that will guarantee to ruin almost anything you send them and you may send them work one day and they will return more or less of it the next day.”
There is much more in this one letter. A large number of letters written by and to Thomas Welcome Clark during the period 1903-1925 were compiled by Catherine Clark into book form and donated by Tom Shafer. She wished for the museum to have a copy as Thomas Clark was living and working in Millinocket at the time.

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