Have had a couple of busy weeks at the museum! The museum table at the craft fair at the American Legion hall was successful and then this past weekend Millinocket was bustling with the runners and their families and friends for the marathon. Many of the runners and their support groups were seen walking or jogging past the museum on their way to the park for the start of the race. Later, quite a few of the supporters stopped in at the museum. One small boy commented, “Wow! I’ve never been to a museum before!” He and his brother liked listening to the wind-up Edison phonograph. Cookbook sales at the craft fair, at the museum and by mail have been brisk.
A gentleman contacted the museum recently seeking information on a car Dr. Young once owned. He stated it was a 1940 LaSalle coupe that spent much of the time stored in a garage. The doctor did his medical rounds in a Packard automobile. The person seeking the information is a Mr. Williams who as a local boy was interested in cars and grew up drawing many pictures of different automobiles. This led to an adult career as a drawer/designer. He would like to hear from anyone who remembers Dr. Young’s vehicles. Did Dr. Young have any children who might provide details? Contact me, Trudy, and I’ll pass on the information. He also mentions a 1948 Packard convertible (he says it was spectacular) owned by a Daigle family. They had a garage somewhere near the Opera House. He would like to hear from anyone that remembers that car.
Other questions frequently asked at the museum are in reference to the Great Northern Hotel. They see the large photo on display and many visitors do not know what it was. Others ask, “Where was it?” “What happened to it?” It was constructed by Great Northern Paper Company as a place to accommodate company officials when they visited from the company offices in Boston. Construction started in 1899 and was finished in two years. It was a grand structure and was nicknamed “The Palace in the Woods.” It was located on the lot where today the Millinocket Memorial Library and St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church stand. In 1961, the hotel closed, its contents auctioned off and the building was torn down. Some museum visitors have mentioned there was a fire, but the Laverty town history does not mention this. More information on this subject would be welcome.

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