The program booklet from the Union Parade in 1908 featured advertisements from many local businesses. Two weeks ago, I listed some of them and hoped to get some information. One local man came in and said Mr. Rachon (store on Medway Rd.) was a family member. I’m hoping that some other grandchild or great-grandchild will recognize a name from their family tree and recall a story or two passed down the line that they can share with us at the museum. Here are some more of the ads from that program.
1. Morris and Holt – Our cigar and tobacco department will be open all day. Any day you want a SHAVE we can do the job – in union hours.
2. Regis Cyr – Manufacturer of Harness, Moccasins, Boots and Shoes, prompt attention given to repairing.
3. Allen & Morris LUNCH CART – Open all hours of the day and until 12:30 at night. Your patronage solicited. Union Men.
4. McCaffrey Bros. Wood and Ice, Penobscot Ave.
5. W. M. DeVoe Pool and Billiard Hall, Barber Shop, Cigars, Tobacco and Pipes, Fruits, Confectionary and Soft drinks.
6. Millinocket Candy Kitchen – B. B. Stinchfield, 2500 New Souvenir Post Cards just received. All the latest novelties. Ice cream specialties for the week Chocolate, Caramel and Vanilla.
7. Henry S. Brown – dealer in Milk, Cream, Butter, Eggs and Country Produce. Oxford St., No. 29.
8. King Bishop – Barber Shop, Tobacco and Cigars, Refreshments of all kinds. Bishop Block corner Penobscot Avenue & Central Street.
9. J. D. Walker, Merchant Tailor, Doctor’s Block over Moran’s Clothing Store.
10. Mackin & Moreau’s New Tonsorial Parlor at the John Simon Building. Good work guaranteed. Come in & go out happy. Also 1st class massaging. Razors honed and set a specialty. We take orders for special designs for shaving mugs.
Several of these ads include the word Telephone or Telephone Connection but do not give a number. This program booklet and the old newspapers give evidence that the early years of Millinocket had plenty of pool halls, bowling alleys, tobacco shops and barber shops and other gathering places for the gentlemen of town. We are seeking photos and information for the museum’s business files.

Do you remember those wooden cutouts with pictures of local buildings made by a company called Fernwood of Maine? The museum is seeking those of local buildings for our museum store. We are able to resell them to benefit the museum. If you have some tucked away that you no longer want, drop them off at the museum. Thank you!

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