Happy 117th birthday, Millinocket! The town was incorporated on March 16, 1901 by an act of the Legislature and the approval of Gov. Hill. Millinocket became the 467th town in Maine. The name means “lake of many islands” and probably refers to Millinocket Lake. During the month of March, Millinocket Memorial Library has its display cases in the entry filled with photos and memorabilia of the town’s early days and several of its birthday celebrations. The display courtesy of the museum.
The oldest postcard sent was in 1840 to the writer Theodore Hook in London, England. He sent it to himself and it had a hand-painted design. This idea of using a rectangular piece of thick paper or thin cardboard soon became the quick way to send a message without use of an envelope. A collector of old post cards is called a deltiologist. The museum has a fairly large collection of local area post cards including black and white, color and colorized. The colorized cards usually have “printed in Germany” or some other country as the process of adding color was not being done in the U. S. in the 1800’s and early 1900’s. Many local cards in the collection were printed for businesses such as Warren’s Drug Store.
The museum has many interesting GNP and Penobscot Avenue cards along with the churches, schools and other public buildings. There are cards of the Mt. Katahdin/Baxter State Park area. Some were mailed with the postmark giving us their date of origin. Some were never mailed. There are several post card collectors in the area who have donated post cards. Others come from various sources. Recently, a letter arrived from Wisconsin. In it was a colorized post card (unused) of Lily Pad Pond, Sourdnahunk Valley. It was sent to the museum with a nice note by a gentleman who had acquired it, researched the location and sent it to MHS. He did not mention how he obtained it.
The museum also has a fairly large number of post cards for sale. These are not local. They have photos from all over the U. S. and several foreign countries. They sell for $1.00 each and include both used and unused. We have Stearns yearbooks for sale (1930’s and up) as well as some years of St. Martin’s, Schenck and Katahdin High School. These sell for $10.00 each.

*** A Little Taste of History, a cookbook featuring recipes from Millinocket pioneer families and their descendants (wives of mill employees, businessmen, school and town employees and more. Includes some photos and personal notes. 200 pages. Each cookbook is $15.00 (mail orders add $5.00 SH each book). At the museum, Memories of Maine Gallery, Steel Magnolias, Katahdin General, Gracie’s Aunt’s Emporium & by mail.
***2018 Calendar with vintage photos – still available. Now only $5.00 (by mail add $4.00 SH).
***Get your orders in for one of the laser engraved pavers. Cost $100.00 each. Up to 3 lines with up to 15 letters, symbols, spaces per line. Contact museum for form or more details. Another group of pavers will be in before July 4.

*** Museum HOURS…. Open Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays from noon – 3 PM. The new OPEN sign will be lit. Weather permitting!
***Contact me, Curator Trudy Wyman, 723-5477 or trudy18@beeline-online.net. For groups or appointments, contact the Millinocket Historical Society at P. O. Box 11, on the web at www.millinockethistoricalsociety.org or on Facebook.