International Museum Day will be celebrated world-wide on Friday, May 18. The MHS museum that day will feature a special activity for visitors between 12 noon and 3PM. Come in and test your knowledge of some of the museum’s many local artifacts. See if you can identify the items on the “What is It?” table and other mystery items scattered throughout the displays. Try your hand at “Can You Find It?” Pick up a list of items and try to locate them in the museum. Come in and give it a try! Light refreshments available when you complete the task!
The Good Samaritan Shop donated a collection of local property maps from the 1970’s.These show most of the built-up sections of town at that time and clearly show all the streets, and the various house lots. These were thought to be a better fit for the museum than the than the downtown thrift shop.
Gaile Nicholson dropped off another box of items mostly related to GNP and later. Included were numerous booklets, pamphlets and the small novelties that the company used to give away. Anna Sears donated several photos of reunions of the class of 1937. It was her mother’s class. Mary Lou Monteith Libby sent the museum a nice old photo of the Millinocket Fire Department. It shows several of the firemen in uniform on and around the horse-drawn fire wagon in front of the Penobscot fire station. It is similar to other photos in the collection, but we did not have an original copy of this particular one. On the back are some names (don’t know how they match to the photo) and two or three names are missing. Libby also sent a photo of a priest. Written on the back was “Father Riley, first Catholic priest, 1901” and the names of a couple he married. We would like more information, as this is first hearing this name.
Recently, two volunteers from the Lincoln Historical Society visited. They were interested in learning more about the Past Perfect museum software we use for tracking the museum’s collection. This is used by many of the small museums in Maine as well as being suitable for the very large museums. One of its best features is that it is searchable by keywords and really helps locate an artifact. The only catch is, all the items need to be in the program’s database. At MHS, new items are added as they come in, however, the more difficult part is adding the several thousand older items that were in the collection prior to 2007 when the museum reopened.

*** A Little Taste of History, recipes from Millinocket pioneer families and their descendants (wives of mill employees, businessmen, school and town employees and more. Includes some photos and personal notes. 200 pages. Each cookbook is $15.00 (mail orders add $5.00 SH each book). At the museum, Memories of Maine Gallery, Steel Magnolias, Katahdin General, Gracie’s Aunt’s Emporium & by mail.
***2018 Calendar – still available. Now only $5.00 (by mail add $4.00 SH).
***Orders one of the laser engraved pavers. Cost $100.00 each. Up to 3 lines with up to 15 letters, symbols, spaces per line. Contact museum for form or more details.
*** Museum HOURS…. Open Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays from noon – 3 PM. The new OPEN sign will be lit.
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