Found an article in a 1902 Millinocket Journal on the Millinocket Baseball Club. It was formed in that year with FM Peasley, president; Frank Parsons, secretary; GB Moran, treasurer; W. Long, manager. It says that “Mr. Long will leave soon to visit colleges and large cities and secure the best talent obtainable. He has large experience in this line having been an umpire in the National League. He thoroughly understands the game. The GNP Co. will at once have the ball grounds fenced in and will build a grandstand with a seating capacity of about 300. Now let us have baseball as it should be played. Not a rough game, but good, clean baseball.” A photo of the club and the ballfield is currently on display at the museum. Stop in!
Millinocket has had many doctors through the years! One was Dr. Ernest Young who along with Dr. Martin Grumley started the Millinocket General Hospital in 1938. This was located in the former Curran house on Maine Avenue. The museum has a sign from that hospital on display. A recent donation to the museum is a daily log book kept by Dr. Young. No personal medical information is included, only notations such as medicine, house call, hospital visit, etc. The prices appear to range from 50 cents to about $5.00 with the most common charges being $1.00 or $2.00. This was donated by Jil Beaupain along with an antique set of podiatry tools. These tools have been added to the museum’s medical collection (some of Dr. Gilman’s instruments, antique dental tools, Dr. Ryan’s black medical bag, Dr. Morey’s sign, Dr. Young’s baby scale).
Sixteen white porcelain street signs arrived at the museum, thanks to Ralph Soucier. These include Congress Street, State Street, Bowdoin Street and more. Holly Hartley donated a large collection of SHS senior photos of her mother’s era, 1954-1957. The museum has several boxes of senior photos and can be available to borrow for class reunion displays. Also available are copies of many years of SHS and St. Martin’s yearbooks (for sale, $10.00 each). Bruce Leavitt brought in an interesting diploma. It is Helen McGowan’s grammar school diploma, 1936, and is nicely framed. It is 16” x 20” as were the high school diplomas of that time. Denise Page gave a 1956 copy of the Millinocket Journal. Ann Nice gave a bunch of 2003 Katahdin Times and Bangor Daily News. They all had articles on GNP. Don’t toss those older local papers as the museum’s newspaper archive has missing issues!

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1. “Within Katahdin’s Realm, Log Drives and Sporting Camps” by Bill Geller – $30.00 ($5.00 each SH);
2. Booklet -1903 Report on Millinocket & mill – interesting statistics – $7.00 at museum;
3. Millinocket by David Duplisea – $20.00 ($5.00 SH);
4. “Tales of Little Italy” DVD, $15.00 ($2.50 each SH);
5. “A Little Taste of History” cookbooks – $15.00 ($5.00 each SH on mail orders);
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