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Month: November 2019

Marathon, Calendars & Donations

Odds and Ends From The MUSEUM!
By Trudy Wyman, Curator, Millinocket Historical Society Museum

Reminder – The Millinocket Marathon and Half is just a few days away! Darryl Perry of New Hampshire, ran for the museum last year and raised $600.00. He planned to run this year and started a new campaign for the museum. However, he is unable to run this year. We are asking that donations to the museum this year be made in Darryl’s honor. He is seeking another $600 or more for the museum to assist with ongoing projects. He hopes to run again next year. Go to the museum’s Facebook page, scroll to the photo from last year’s check presentation and click on to donate or donations can be mailed directly to the MHS address below. Thank you and get well, Darryl!
On marathon day as you meander around town watching the runners, visiting the craft fair, area shops and restaurants, don’t forget to stop in at the museum. We will be open from about 10 AM until 3 PM (later if it stays busy). Pick up the 2020 calendar (Beyond the Mill), purchase a DVD or one of the books about the area. New items include 8” x 10” photos of the logging days, Little Italy and the GNP mill. All are matted and backed, ready to frame. Forms to purchase an engraved paver available. Many interesting items in the Museum Store!
Many items have been added to the collection in past weeks. Ada Angotti brought in a collection of Katahdin Avenue School student photos and one of the school staff, tournament programs and a program listing from the Garden Club. At one time there was a school at Rip Dam. Angotti donated three report cards (Gr. 1-2-3) from 1950’s student Ruth Angotti. The museum would like a photo of that school!
Items donated include: news articles on Nugent’s Camps (Derward Shedd); two local cookbooks compiled by VFW Ladies Auxilary and MRH employees (Alice Morgan); class of 1947 senior photos (Toni Jean Murphy); and two albums of prints from GNP photos (Jennifer Mitchell). Doris Davis brought in a copy of the town’s 50th birthday booklet. Paul Haines gave a Camp Roosevelt plaque when he and several former Boy Scout Troop 57 members visited as part of a reunion.
Interesting older items arrive at the museum that once found use at camps on the lakes. Phyllis Allen donated an electric sandwich maker (the kind that made the best cheese sandwiches), a can opener, a two slice toaster and a stove lid lifter. The young people who visit the museum know nothing of these items and others on display so we use them for a What is it? game. Jane Disselkamp brought in another (different design) stove lid lifter from her camp at Cedar Lake.
Following the second successful Tales of Little Italy event, Arlene Cotton Carlstrom gave the museum a collection of Cotton family photos and items to be added to the Little Italy and genealogy collections. The DVD’s from both Little Italy Part 1 and Part 2 are available at the museum ($15 each) or by mail order ($15 each + $5 SH).

***Books available: “Within Katahdin’s Realm, Log Drives and Sporting Camps” ( Bill Geller); “Logging Towboats & Boom Jumpers” ( Moody); “Tanglefoot,”(BW Edwards); “Millinocket” D. Duplisea); “A Little Taste of History” cookbooks.
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Newspaper Timeline

Odds and Ends From The MUSEUM!
By Trudy Wyman, Curator, Millinocket Historical Society Museum

This weeks column follows a bit of a different form as it is a timeline of the newspapers published in the Millinocket area. The museum has a rather large collection of these newspapers and find it interesting how many different ones there have been. In sorting and cataloging them, I have learned that it is important to differentiate between use of the word “The” in front of some names and the lack of “The” in others. They are different newspapers, usually with different owners.
Here is the list:
11/1901- 4/1903 The Millinocket Journal (weekly, MHS has 52 issues) Unknown 5/1905 Millinocket Journal (front) & The Millinocket Journal (inside),
EE Morse, editor and manager) (MHS has one issue, May 4, very poor condition)
1905 -1912 Unknown
1912 – 1917 The Millinocket Times & Weekly Exchange (Burdette Miller family) (two issues MHS, 6/15/1917 & June or July 5, 1917)
1917-1921 Unknown, Miller family sold paper, 1917, but unknown if new owner continued publication
1921 -1927 The Millinocket Press – mentioned in two articles in a museum scrapbook
1925 The Merchants Bulletin (monthly, short lived, MHS has 1 issue)
1925-1939 Unknown
1933 Millinocket Advertiser, MHS has one, 4/21/1933
1/1940 – 4/1940 Northern Penobscot Journal, (MHS has twelve issues)
5/29/1947-1/8/1948 The Millinocket Herald Tribune, owner Paul J. Maxwell (MHS has 32 issues plus one issue of Millinocket Herald 5/27/1947
1939- c1977 The Millinocket Journal (started by Joseph Tucker family and later other owners) and printed through the years in small, medium and large formats. The Tuckers printed the paper from a bungalow on Eastland Avenue that became known as Journal Place. Before coming to Millinocket, Tucker was a professional wrestler using the name Don Meyers.
1956-1958 The Katahdin Times
1956-1962 The East Millinocket News (MHS has nine issues)
1957 The Sunday Millinocket Journal
1964 The Town Crier (East Millinocket, Millinocket and Medway)
1971-1979 The Katahdin Journal
1973-1974 The Katahdin Kronicle
1977-1998 The Katahdin Times
1991-2009 Katahdin Times
1999-2000 The Katahdin Area Journal
2004-2005 The Community Press
2005-2008 The Katahdin Press
? – present The Lincoln News, Katahdin Section

The Millinocket Historical Society would appreciate any additional information (location, owners, editors and copies to add to the museum’s collection) and also corrections to any portion of the above timeline. All mentioned here had been gleaned from papers on hand many of which are in fragile condition. The museum also has many issues of Snoops and Scoops (Stearns HS newspaper) and copies of St. Martins HS newspaper, The Detour. It is expected that some of the smaller size newspapers in the collection will be scanned soon to make them more available for use.
*** In the museum store – gifts for you and for Christmas shopping!
MHS 2020 calendars, Tales of Little Italy DVD’s (part 1 & 2), Geller’s book “Log Drives and Sporting Camps and others of local interest. Paver forms available.
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A Newspaper Found

Odds and Ends From The MUSEUM!
By Trudy Wyman, Curator, Millinocket Historical Society Museum

Eukeka! I found one! Have been trying to fill the gaps in the timeline of newspapers published locally since 1901. While searching for something else in the three scrapbooks of local news articles, 1921-28, compiled by former librarian Carl Hull, I spotted two mentions of The Millinocket Press. Until now, it was not known if Millinocket had a newspaper between the years 1906-1912 and from 1917-1939.
On Feb. 11, 1921, it was reported that “The Millinocket Press has been the successful bidder for our town report this year and work is underway upon the same at present.” Then on June 26, 1927, “The Millinocket Press has just installed a new Whitlock cylinder printing press.”
So now the timeline gaps have become smaller and the search is on to find local newspapers from 1918-1921 and 1927-1939 although there were some short-lived small publications. The museum has one copy of the Merchants Bulletin (monthly) dated 1925 and one copy of the Millinocket Advertiser dated 4/21/1933. These two publication appear to be primarily advertising with very little news.
The Millinocket Times was owned by the Burdette Miller family from approximately 1905 until sometime in 1917 when Miller sold the business to go to war. However, even though he was a prominent figure in the National Guard, he was denied enlistment due to having a large family. Unfortunately, the newspaper had already been sold. This information is from Miller’s son, Frank Miller, who along with his daughter visit the museum every summer. He stated that his mother Emma was the one who turned the crank on the old printing press (coincidently, in what people recently refer to as the Miller’s building on Penobscot Avenue). Emma Miller’s name never appeared in the paper. No one remembers if the new owner ever published a paper. The museum has copies of one 1905 paper and two of the 1917 papers.
The earliest newspapers at the museum are fifty plus issues of The Millinocket Journal dated 1901-1903 including issue number two. Is issue one out there somewhere?

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