Another search is on! Ever hear mention of the GNP Engineer’s House and a fire that possibly occurred there. Here’s what we know. A letter from Garret Schenck dated June 13th, 1901 was sent to Oscar Nickerson, Esq., Millinocket, Maine thanking him “for his promptness and willingness to act in an emergency and in successfully protecting the company’s property at a considerable risk to yourself.” A watch was sent to Nickerson as a thank you. Nickerson’s grandson Stan emailed a copy of the letter to the museum and asked if more information was available. Oscar, the company’s chief electrician (engineer), was injured in the event which is believed to have been a fire.
More recently, another communication from the Nickerson grandson, made mention of a fire at the company’s Engineer’s House and noted that three photos of this building are on the Maine Memory Network site. The building is shown near railroad tracks and there are power poles. However, as the Schenck letter to Nickerson is dated 1901 and the Engineer’s House fire occurred c1910, then the injury to Nickerson could not be from that fire. But as Nickerson was chief electrician (engineer), could the Engineer’s House contained his living quarters and/or work space? Any further information would be appreciated and shared with the Nickerson grandson.
Donations to be added to the collection continue to arrive at the museum. Nadine Webster brought in a 1920’s era “flapper” dress that belonged to her mother. A Girl Scout belt, three sad irons, a 1943 map of the Millinocket townsite and two mysterious black books were also give. The black books contain many names and addresses (many states, unknown purpose).
Peter Walsh brought in a framed photo of Albert Myshrall, Millinocket Fire Dept. Two 1905 maps from Stan Waterhouse appear at first glance to be identical, but he pointed out that one has both Millinocket and East Millinocket, but the other has only Millinocket. Both are dated 1905, so one must have been a second printing at a later date and therefore shows the new town of East Millinocket.
Scrapbooks were received from Linda Pangburn and Bill Campbell. The first contains photographs from the Thanksgiving dinners hosted by the Pangburn and Ellis IGA stores from 1994-2003. The second scrapbook was compiled by Helen (Farquahar) Campbell when she was a member of the Katahdin Rangers and it contains many news articles and other memorabilia of that drum corps travels and performances in the 1960’s. Also donated were recordings of the Katahdin Rangers and Girl Scout hat and sash. Phil and Peg Sturman gave a Reed’s Real Estate Agency sign that was placed in front of a house for sale. Bunny Pray donated a Millinocket phone book, 1984, that was a project of Boy Scout Troop #57.

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