Odds and Ends From The MUSEUM!
By Trudy Wyman, Curator, Millinocket Historical Society Museum

On Jan. 6, 1928 a bronze memorial plaque on the front of the GNP administration was unveiled in honor of Garrett Schenck. The unveiling took place on the day of his funeral in Weston, Massachusetts. The plaque reads “To Garett Schenck, Founder and for Thirty Years President of the Great Northern Paper Company. He Planned and Constructed the Paper Mills at Millinocket, East Millinocket, East Madison and Madison, adding Much That Was Original in the Development of the Art of Making News Print Paper. As an Expression of Their Admiration and Friendship this Tablet is Erected by the Employees of the Company. He Died in Service Jan. 3, 1928.”
The unveiling was attended by an assemblage of employees, citizens and school children. The information appeared in a January article in the Bangor Daily News along with photos of the plaque and the crowd at the unveiling.
A few days after the above Schenck plaque unveiling, the Bangor Daily News noted Social Affairs of Interest, Local News of the Community. Included was mention of several group’s activities. The Royal Neighbors of America had a meeting scheduled. The Nollessemic Club were to meet at the Walker Camp. Onawa Chapter, Order of Eastern Star was having a special function. The Child Study Club was to meet with a program presented by Dr. Young. There also meetings of the Congregation Club, Dorcas Circle plus the Daughters of Isabella held a card party at the home of Mrs. Frank Rush. At the museum, we are interested in learning more about these and the numerous other clubs and organizations that once existed in town. Can you provide information/items?
Nearly 800 visitors signed the museum’s guest book in 2019 and there were others who came for a visit but did not sign. The museum continued to be one of few in the state that remained open through the winter months (only missed three or four days due to storms, most came earlier in the week). The Thursday, Friday, Saturday open days seems to work well for most folks, but appointments can be made for visits on other days and times.
2019 saw visitors from thirty-four U.S. states and nine foreign countries (Spain, China, India, Canada, England, Italy, Japan, Germany, and El Salvador). Groups included Cub Scouts, visiting Chinese students, Boy Scout Troop 57 reunion group, Wentworth College architectural students and two classes of Granite Street School fourth graders. Several researchers and genealogy seekers stopped in from as far away as Virginia, Georgia and Spain.
Approximately seventy individual donors added items to the collection. Currently more than 8400 items have been cataloged into the museum’s computer! Still working on items from the old museum.
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