In this section, we will be looking at different and interesting items that have been given to the museum over the years. Most of these artifacts have originated from Millinocket and some are from away.

There will be items that have a long history associated with them, and some which we would like help from the public as to their history/identity.

The collection has a large number of photographs and many show people posed at photography studios that can be dated back to the 1930’s (and even earlier). There are several of these professionally taken photographs in which the person has not been identified. These photographs will also appear on this page periodically in hopes that someone will recognize the person and/or object and contact us with the missing details.

So, let’s begin shall we? Below you will see a picture of one of our most treasured items. Would you know what it is just by looking at it?

This is the first Steam Whistle used at Great Northern Paper here in Millinocket.  It blew at 7am, 12 Noon, 1pm and 5pm.  At 5pm, when this whistle blew, children knew it was time to go home for supper.

Many from town who remember this whistle blowing will no doubt have their own memories about it.  For these folks, we invite you to contact us to share those memories!

If you have stories about this whistle that are related to its history please don’t hesitate to contact our Curator, Trudy Wyman. You will find her contact information on our Contacts page.
We hope you will come down to learn about how this item operated and its history.  We will be featuring a new photo of an artifact on this page frequently, so be sure to check back, won’t you? You never know what will be featured next time!

Here are some of our photos of people which have yet to be identified.

Do you know who these folks are in these photos? If you do happen to know, please contact us and help solve our mystery!  Please mail or call us! You will find our contact information on our Contacts page. Thank You!

Don’t forget to check back with us often! We have lots more to show and we don’t want you to miss out!